Recruitment doesn’t end with a job offer.

It begins from the moment your business defines its candidate audience, and continues even after an employee leaves your company.

CareerBuilder’s T–E–A–M philosophy explains recruitment in terms of the TARGET (identify your audience), ENGAGE (define your message), ATTRACT (access the right people), and MAXIMIZE (optimize your process) steps. We help you determine the right steps for your recruitment, right now. As you incorporate the necessary pieces into your recruitment process, you, too, will see how a candidate can become a long–term, successful member of your team. Find the right candidates to take your business to an unprecedented level. In the past, CareerBuilder was perhaps most widely known for our strengths in the Attraction category, but we have expanded our services to include many other elements in the recruitment process. When we have the ability to make an impact on each category, the results become even stronger.

TARGET: Identify Your Audience

The first step in the T-E-A-M strategy is to identify, or TARGET, your ideal audience of candidates.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What skills and attributes do my ideal future employees have?
  • What roles and responsibilities do I need to propel my business to the next level?
  • Where can I find candidates with these types of qualifications?
  • Who do I compete with for these types of candidates?

Once you have your ideal audience in mind, it is important for you to learn more about who is currently applying to your available positions. With the right talent intelligence at your fingertips, you can find out specific demographic information about your candidates -- and discover who you’re currently not targeting. What kind of audiences are your competitors attracting, and how are those audiences different from yours?

Once you identify the gaps in who you are currently attracting and who you are missing out on altogether, you can start to use these tools to strategize, fill those gaps, and bring on the employees best-matched to your company’s current and future needs.

Survey Builder
Gives you the ability to complete a survey of 300+ job seekers by job title, geography, and/or industry.
Talent Compensation Report
In–depth analysis of pay information for job seekers in the current market broken into several breakouts: Related Jobs, Skill-Sets, Geography, Industry, Experience, Education and Company Size.
Talent Demographics Report
A detailed report that analyzes survey results segmented by demographics on targeted talent values in a role and company. This report also compares how well you attract different demographic pools versus your industry and your talent competitors.
Talent Track
This report highlights the specific companies for which your employees worked directly preceding your company, and the specific companies to which you lose employees once they leave your company. Talent Track provides you a deeper understanding of your talent so that you can improve your recruiting and retention strategies.
Target Talent Report
A detailed report that analyzes your competition for talent and measures the effectiveness of your recruitment advertising spend, while also providing you with the perceptions, values, and behaviors of your target talent. We can complete the analyses either for your entire company (high-level view) or for a specific position or location.
Talent Supply & Demand Report
Leveraging our database of over 1.2 billion data points collected annually, we provide you with job demand and labor supply data on the top five cities that match your desired objectives.
Talent Survey Solutions
This solution enables employers to target ideal candidates by occupation, geography or industry and ask them up to 10 recruitment-related questions, approved by CareerBuilder. Employers will have real results with a guarantee of 300 responses. Employers will have real results with a guaranteed number of responses.

ENGAGE: Define Your Message

What message can you own to better engage the candidates you want to bring onto your team?

The second step in the T-E-A-M strategy is to ENGAGE candidates by defining your recruitment message and setting up the avenues through which you will soon start to build company awareness. You must define your employment message and work to build your employment brand before you disseminate your brand out to the masses.

Employment branding is the process of placing an image of being a "great place to work" in the minds of your employees – by truly being a great place to work. Investing in your employment brand now and establishing your brand in the minds of your own workers will in turn help you attract better-matched candidates for your company.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I define my ideal company culture and employment brand?
  • How do I define my current company culture and employment brand? Does the reality live up to my ideal definition?
  • Do my employees like my company? Do they enjoy coming to work?
  • Would my employees talk well about the company to others they meet?
  • What can I do to improve my current employment brand?
  • How can I improve my job advertisements and target more of my ideal candidates?

Candidates are finding their ideal employers all over the Web, and if you don’t have a strong employment brand – or an employment brand to begin with – how will they know your company is worth considering? CareerBuilder can help you define or strengthen your employment message so that candidates get to know your company through your presence on social and professional networking sites, targeted e-mail and video, and more.

Brand Validation
Brand Validation is a comprehensive employment brand awareness and perception survey. The report enables a company to determine target talent knows its brand, how they relate to the brand, and how the brand is differentiated from its talent competitors.
Custom Design Services
CareerBuilder's creative design team utilizes our best practices to enhance your recruitment brand. Top designers and artists at CareerBuilder work to customize your Job Branding design, spice up your BrandBuilder page, or create custom HTML e-mails or banners for you.
Employment Brand Creation & Concept Development
Develops your company's full employment brand, including the unique employment value proposition, brand opportunity, message map, key messages and supporting points as well as sample creative. These are all developed after doing extensive research on your competition for talent and the perceptions, values, and behaviors of your target talent.
Employment Brand Reputation Monitoring
Employment Brand Reputation Monitoring aggregates and analyzes what is being said about your company's employment brand online. We leverage several technologies to scan thousands of blogs, microblogs, message boards, and social media sites to identify and collect all employment-related conversations. Our social media analysts prioritize the sites where the conversations were the most influential to determine the top positive outlets and the most influential negative outlets.
Job Description Analysis & Design with Job Advertisement Design & Optimization
Increase your Job Posting performance by up to 20 percent! We write a job description for you outlining the responsibilities and skills needed in your available role. Develop key employment value propositions, obtain the best ROI on your current Internet spend, and get advice on improving your company's current internet ROI including site, search engine, and key job board investments. Job Analysis helps you attract quality employees and retain them by defining the right role and skills, setting the right expectations, and marketing the opportunity to the most relevant candidates.
Recruitment Strategy Development
CareerBuilder researches your company's talent competitors, employees, and target talent and uses that data to craft a custom employment brand message map and a company section for your job postings. The message map provides all personnel involved in the hiring process and employee relations with a consistent and relevant message about why the company is an employer of choice, and it provides an outline for what central themes should be in all recruitment communications.
Social Media Brand Management
Social Media Brand Management tracks, monitors, and engages talent on any social media site to help you spark dialogue and foster relationships with your target talent, strengthen and promote your employment brand, and strengthen employees' image of your brand. Rather than spend your time with content creation, let us do the grunt work so you can focus on your core competencies.
Video Services
CareerBuilder Video Branding solutions complement open positions on CareerBuilder by highlighting your employer brand and company culture, showing job seekers why your company is the employer of choice, educating job seekers on details of the position, and creating an emotional connection with the job seeker . Show job seekers a “day in the life” of current employees and spread your employment message on top online sites with Video Services.

ATTRACT: Access The Right People

Once you determine and construct a clear and strong employment brand message, the ATTRACT stage helps you disseminate your recruitment message by exposing your brand and drawing in candidates through avenues like targeted e-mail and display ads, your job advertisements, or events.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Which methods are available to distribute my message and reach my target candidates?
  • What quantity of time and resources can be dedicated to distribution of my message?
  • Where are my current strengths? Which methods of exposure do I need to learn more about?

People of all ages are utilizing online professional and social networks to connect with friends, family, and future employers. By connecting with candidates online, you are attracting candidates where they play and spend a significant amount of their free time. Get in front of your target candidates in a trusted online space -- and gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. CareerBuilder can help you determine best time and places to advertise, as well as the channels that will give you the most significant results.

Recruitment Advertising is an innovative way for your organization to drive more candidates to your open positions. By advertising online in conjunction with your current job postings, you capture more educated and qualified job seekers before they apply to your competitors' jobs.
BrandBuilder is the first and most important tool you can utilize to begin to build a better brand online. BrandBuilder enables you to create a series of Web pages within CareerBuilder, providing job seekers with a comprehensive view of your organization and culture in an easy-to-view format.
Display Ads
Display Ads are targeted ads that run on CareerBuilder's site for 30 consecutive days and link directly to the open positions listed on your BrandBuilder page — or to any other location of your choice. Command job seekers' attention while increasing your brand exposure.
CareerBuilder has teamed up with Facebook, one of the most trafficked Web sites in the world, to provide branded recruitment advertising and marketing services, giving you the power to build quality relationships with candidates and customers alike. CareerBuilder and Facebook work closely with you to help build a meaningful presence on Facebook, and meet and exceed your recruitment strategy objectives. The CareerBuilder partnership helps recruitment advertisers leverage Facebook and allows employers to engage in a dialogue with potential candidates on their own "turf". Take advantage of this unique opportunity to build your presence on one of the most prominent social media sites.
Featured Employer
Featured Employer delivers maximum exposure to job seekers and further establishes your company's brand name.
Job Branding
With Job Branding, gain an average of 14 percent more applicants and separate your Job Posting from your competition by designing a posting that reflects your brand's unique image. Job Postings are typically the first thing a candidate sees when searching for a job, and a branded Job Posting is your first shot to make a favorable impression with candidates.
Job Postings
CareerBuilder's 30-day Job Postings give you vast exposure to the most candidates in the industry. Gain instant access to more than 24 million candidates, unlimited editing capabilities, extra training resources, and exposure on 1,700+ partner sites. Job Posting options include Priority Postings, State Postings, Regional Postings, National Postings, and Business Opportunity and Franchise Postings. We can help you determine the right type of Job Postings for your business.
Increase your employment brand awareness and target fresh and active candidates from CareerBuilder's Resume Database with CareerBuilder Vertical Magazines. These magazines feature relevant industry content and employer advertisements, and each issue is directly mailed to 50,000 industry-specific job seekers who have opted in to receiving career information. Verticals include Career Training, CBcampus, Diversity, Education, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT, Law Enforcement, Retail, Sales and Transportation.
Recruitment and Staffing Spotlight
Recruiting and Staffing Spotlight places your company's name and logo on the My CareerBuilder home page, the point of entry for all registered CareerBuilder customers. Recruiting and Staffing Spotlight delivers maximum exposure to employers of all sizes and in all industries and further establishes your brand name. Candidates simply click on your logo from the My CareerBuilder page to be taken directly to your Web site, where they can learn more about your company.
Targeted Recruitment E-mails
Target your perfect candidate through Targeted E-mails. Send a Targeted E-mail to your ideal candidates based on job category, region, or both, or target a specific keyword and place your positions in your ideal candidates' inbox.
Top employers come together at CareerBuilder Hiring Events to recruit, screen and hire qualified candidates... and you can be one of them. Participating employers range from Fortune 500 companies to the nation's fastest growing local businesses.
Local Career Fairs
CareerBuilder’s Local Career Fairs enable you to leverage CareerBuilder's immense reach and increase your exposure to active job seekers. Engage in quality face-to-face contact with potential employees — and further brand your company. Local Career Fairs attract anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 job seekers and are growing all the time.
Custom Hiring Events
Let CareerBuilder promote and produce your next local hiring event or open house. Our marketing product mix, combined with our reach in the marketplace enables you to invite and attract the most relevant candidates to your hiring event. CareerBuilder handles all creative, marketing, promotion and operations — meaning no extra work for you. Solutions
The CareerBuilder Collegiate Solutions suite of products will provide opportunities for your company to reach students and recent grads through the Web site, CareerBuilder, Facebook and tailored CBMedia products. In total, CareerBuilder Collegiate Solutions has over 25 products to provide you with a complete collegiate solution.
Jobs On The Menu is the nation's best restaurant job board specializing in restaurant and food service corporate, management and hourly jobs. Whether you are an experienced server, a District Manager or just starting a restaurant career, find your next opportunity at where fresh job opportunities are served daily.
A niche CareerBuilder job board that connects your company with consultants, contractors, contract-to-hire, per diems, and other seasoned professionals. is devoted to helping your company connect with a vast pool of unique candidates you would not otherwise have access to.
WorkInRetail delivers both hourly and salaried candidates to fulfill all your company’s hiring needs. is a standalone job board that delivers access to a unique audience of retail candidates.
Name Generation
Provides your company with a list of names and contact information of people based on position title and targeted competitor companies. Find potential candidates to fill your hiring needs, as well as contacts who can be asked for referrals and other contacts within the specified industry.
Resume Database
CareerBuilder's Resume Database is the most reliable and robust in the business, with 15,000 fresh resumes posted each day and over 31 million current stored resumes. The Resume Database enables you to search countless archived resumes — ideal for finding the currently employed passive candidate who may be a great fit for a position at your business.
Resume & Phone Screening
Provides your company with a resource to visually screen all candidates who apply to your open positions. Based on specified position requirements, skilled recruiters evaluate the resumes submitted for qualification. Qualified candidates qualified receive a detailed phone screen, where they not only are questioned about their past experiences, but also given an introduction to the company and the open position. Candidates who are successful on the phone screen are then submitted you for review.
Smart Job
Smart Job evaluates your Job Posting and, using intelligent matching of criteria such as title, category/industry, and relevant keywords, finds resumes in the CareerBuilder Resume Database that best match your position's requirements. Smart Job examines over 36 million resumes and finds up to 50 best matches for your postings. Using Smart Job, you spend more time working and less time hunting through hundreds of resumes.
Source & Screen Management
This service was built to take all of the work of finding qualified candidates for your open positions out of your company’s hands and into ours. Using data intelligence and media strategies such as Job Postings, e-mails and social networking, our goal is to advertise for you in the most effective mediums for each particular position in order to drive as much relevant traffic to the advertisements as possible. A dedicated recruiter also screens all applicants based on the five must-have qualifications given to us by you. From there, we will forward all qualified applicants to you for consideration over a 30 day period.

MAXIMIZE: Optimize Your Process

It's not only smart to continually look for the best ways to recruit your future employees; it’s essential. Job candidates are evolving with a changing online landscape. You, too, must review and MAXIMIZE your process to stay on top of trends and ahead of your competitors.

What you think about your application process – and what candidates think about it – may be completely different. Now, you can learn what candidates think about your application process. You can also find out the number of candidates that currently complete your application process, the number that don’t make it through and drop off, and the reasons for candidates’ behavior in relation to your process. Once you find out where candidates think you are lacking, it’s much easier to construct a plan to optimize your process, experience less application drop-off, improve your reputation in the eyes of candidates, and reach those candidates you’ve been losing.

How does your recruitment process compare to those of your competitors? Is it worse, the same, or better – and which data are you using to make that determination? By honestly assessing your current strengths and weaknesses in process, you will be able to learn where you are losing out on quality candidates, as well as the demographics of your current applicants compared to those you are missing out on.

With this focus on recruitment, however, you must also be cognizant of retaining your current employees and training them for future opportunities.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I developing my staff to stay ahead of the newest recruitment news and trends and optimize their skills?
  • How am I developing my employees? How am I helping them to enhance their talents in their current role, while also preparing them for future opportunities?
  • What would it take in time and resources to achieve these initiatives?
  • In the case that I need to let an employee go, do I have an outplacement service in place to guide the employee to their next place of employment?

With an optimal process in place, there still may be times in which layoffs are unavoidable. Having an outplacement service available not only helps employees through the layoff process, but shows a display of good will on your end and helps you to maintain a good relationship with the people who have worked for your business.

Applicant Experience
Applicant Experience provides a way for you to measure your application experience and post-application interactions using real-time candidate perceptions. Monthly reports of applicant behavior and attitude provide insights to help you decrease applicant drop-off, improve recruiter-to-applicant interactions and strengthen your employment brand.
Outplacement Services -- CB Transitions
CareerBuilder's outplacement service help ease the stress of layoffs for both management and the affected employees. Help your departing employees find their next jobs quickly while saving on unemployment costs associated with downsizing.
Predictive Candidate Selection
Predictive Candidate Selection increases selection accuracy and retention of highly effective employees by analyzing statistically accurate, compliant competency profiles on which employee selection is made. Predictive Candidate Selection can improve selection accuracy by 25 -30 percent, and reduce employee turnover by up to 35 percent.
Technology Consulting
Our consultants focus on six customizable key areas of inefficiencies often seen with the use of Applicant Tracking/Talent Management Systems: recruitment process (both recruitment teams and hiring managers); integration with third-party vendors, integration with HRIS/HRMS Systems, reporting & metrics; onboarding, and candidate experience. Focusing on each of these areas, CareerBuilder will conduct research and reviews to better understand your organization’s recruitment processes, identify process inefficiencies in each of these key areas, and offer suggestions to maximize internal processes and financial investments for future technology use.
CareerBuilder Institute
This one-of-a-kind Web site focuses on both individual and business development and improvement. CBI employs engaging, interactive courses designed to help employees build their skills, obtain certifications, and drive their personal success.
Recruitment Development Institute (RDI)
These workshops teach anyone involved in the recruiting and hiring process best practices. CareerBuilder can talior a training program based on your needs, or you can focus on any of the following modules: Fundamentals Course, Managing the Candidate, Managing the Hiring Manager, Time & Workload Management, Individual Recruitment Plan Interviewing Skills, Building & Engaging Candidate Relationships, Diversity Recruiting, Closing the Deal, Generational Recruiting & Retention, and Social Sourcing Strategy.
Recruitment Development Workshops (RDIW)
In the full-day or half-day workshop section clients have the option to choose which series of grouped modules fits their needs best.
Recruitment Webinars (RW)
These two-hour webinars, delivered right to your desktop, will help you and your team ramp up your recruitment skills and improve your job security and performance.
Applink is a highly customized method of sending applicant data into your ATS, by bypassing your online application. Applink enables candidates to apply on CareerBuilder with their resume in a few steps, rather than filling out a long online application. CareerBuilder then sends applicant data directly into client ATS. Applink can also be used an electronic "push" of data stored on CareerBuilder to another external system.
The .jobs domain creates an additional avenue for job seekers to connect with employers. Companies can acquire their own .jobs domain — and even cater it to their specific industry — providing job seekers with an even easier way to find their job postings.
Career Site Hosting
With Career Site Hosting, CareerBuilder does all of the work creating, hosting and maintaining your sophisticated and user-friendly career center — on your company's very own Web site. In addition to your custom career site, your jobs will also appear on and all of our partner sites.
Category Search Optimization (
Category Search Optimization affords you the opportunity to leverage our's domain-, page-, and Web-level SEO strengths, automatically moving your company and open positions to the highest echelon of search engine rankings and giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.
Data Store
Data Store captures and stores Job Posting and Resume Database data for three years to make it easier for government contractors to comply with OFCCP regulations.
Mapping greatly increases your efficiencies by automatically adds the jobs from your company’s job site to We do all the work for you; all you have to do is keep the jobs current on your own site and our technology will update the positions on
Smart Fax
Smart Fax enables companies that do not have regular access to their account, to have the resumes sent to them by fax. Now you can simply review applications via fax that were received online at